The following is a list of typical services which C K Geotech Pty Ltd. provides:

Service List

Assessment of the risk of instability carried out in accordance with your local Council’s requirements (i.e. Gosford City Council’s DCP 163).  For development on steep sites.

Geotechnical Stability Assessment 

Carried out in accordance with AS2870-2011 “Residential Slabs & Footings” to determine footing requirements for proposed residential construction or additions.

Lot Classification

Carried out in accordance with Austroads Pavement Thickness Design for new road construction or rehabilitation of existing road.

Pavement Investigation

Acid soils assessment and management plan carried out in accordance with Acid Sulphate Soils Management Association (ASSMAC) Guidelines.

Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment

On-site Wastewater Disposal Assessment

Foundation Assessment

Site and soil assessment carried out in accordance with AS1547 “Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management”.

For a wide range of residential, commercial or industrial projects including single and multi storey buildings, retaining walls, culverts, bridges, communication towers, etc.

Consulting Geotechnical Engineering

C K Geotech Pty Ltd

Consulting Geotechnical Engineering

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